Field Session 03

The third session centred on the shared travel experiences of the participant and Choon Jin. The participant was able to share her vivid memories of her travels and provided a helpful sense of emotion and personal reflections about her work and travels. “Based on the sharing of her travel experience, I leaned towards the usage […]

Field Session 02

The second session involved the contribution from the participant’s brush strokes as a challenge for Choon Jin, The participant, a Chinese ink art student, emphasised on gestural strokes for his contribution – this emotive sense of his strokes conveyed a creative influence for Choon Jin to further develop and refine. I am interested in how Mr […]

Field Session 01

As this was the first session to be held with the assistance of a participant, a great sense of anticipation and tension was felt by Choon Jin. In the few days before the session, Choon Jin was curious to know what kind of input the first participant will provide. The first session began with a […]

Field Study – Interventions and Contemporary Ink

Often is the time when the audience feels deeply connected to a particular artwork that is on display – the conveyance of the artist’s emotions and feelings, reinterpreted into a visual form, creates this thought-provoking and emotive connection with the audience. I want you to feel this, to hear what I have to say, and […]

2015 Exhibition – Illusions in Mist : 雾源幻境

Choon Jin will be holding his eighth solo exhibition, Illusions in Mist, at Cape of Good Hope Gallery. Exhibition period is from the 20th to 29th of November 2015. Viewing times are from 11.00am to 7.00pm. The online gallery is available for viewing. Cape of Good Hope Gallery is located at 140 Hill Street #01-06 Singapore 179369. Visitors […]