Featured Field Session I

Featured Field Session I

As this was the first session to be held with the assistance of a participant, a great sense of anticipation and tension was felt by Choon Jin. In the few days before the session, Choon Jin was curious to know what kind of input the first participant will provide.

The first session began with a minor hiccup when the participant provided too much input for Choon Jin. After a brief consultation and some encouragement, the participant tried again to fulfil the conditions of the experiment.

“When I find someone intruding into my painting by drawing lines and adding subjects… It was a bit difficult for me to start. As everybody will face difficulties in their lives, I have to overcome this initial difficulty and compose the painting as I envisioned it.”
– Choon Jin

Based on the contributed lines from the participant, Choon Jin applies his vision and Chinese Ink techniques to effect.

Nevertheless, the participant enjoyed herself and shared her opinions with us.

“In terms of the process, I guess, different people do it differently. So it’s very hard to say whether it is a different perception from mine. At the end of the day, it is how different people handle their thoughts differently.”
– F Koh

The participant, using a mobile application to cross-process the unfinished artwork, came up with this version which Choon Jin and the researcher found extremely amusing and interesting.

Courtesy of F Koh 2016
Courtesy of F Koh 2016
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