Featured Field Session II

Featured Field Session II

The second session involved the contribution from the participant’s brush strokes as a challenge for Choon Jin, The participant, a Chinese ink art student, emphasised on gestural strokes for his contribution – this emotive sense of his strokes conveyed a creative influence for Choon Jin to further develop and refine.

I am interested in how Mr Lim could interpret my gestures to something else. So the interaction between his experience and cultivation of his skill-set… how would he be able to utilise them to realise a piece of art… the results would be very interesting.
– J Liow

Participant applying his brushstrokes.

Choon Jin shares his thoughts about winter as a concept.

“The winter scene to me is not so plain like just snow or coolness of the environment. It is a mixture of everything being stagnant.”
– Choon Jin

Perhaps, Choon Jin sees winter as a state in which nature comes to a stand still or even a state of mind for the artist or audience. Based on the finished artwork for this session, the resulting sense of desolation is a curious one and definitely something to look out for when this artwork is presented during the exhibition.

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