Field Study – Interventions and Contemporary Ink

Field Study – Interventions and Contemporary Ink

Often is the time when the audience feels deeply connected to a particular artwork that is on display – the conveyance of the artist’s emotions and feelings, reinterpreted into a visual form, creates this thought-provoking and emotive connection with the audience.

I want you to feel this, to hear what I have to say, and to share with you my thoughts.

These notions are what the artist is conveying to the audience – a valid way to communicate stories and reactions of what the artist perceives in his or her life, or perhaps to raise awareness within the audience for a myriad of social issues that are ever-present in our global society today.

However for the audience to engage critically as part of the creative process (not as a collaboration but as an influence), it may be perceived negatively as an intrusion into the artist’s personal and distinct style of creativity – or is it?

From the months of June through September 2016, Choon Jin will be participating in an academic field study that will look into the nuances of the creative process through physical and social influences.

Choon Jin working on a control set of artworks.
Choon Jin working on a control set of artworks.

The Visual Arts Centre (Singapore) will host the results of this field study, as an learning-oriented exhibition, in early 2017.

Title of Research Study
Interventions: A Field Study in Reconstructivism and Contemporary Chinese Ink
Principal Investigator
Vincent Lin, Independent Curator (Artist Practise and Visual Art Theory)
Participants Involved
12 individuals

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