Featured Field Session III

Featured Field Session III

The third session centred on the shared travel experiences of the participant and Choon Jin. The participant was able to share her vivid memories of her travels and provided a helpful sense of emotion and personal reflections about her work and travels.

A photograph of what the participant saw during her trip. Image courtesy of V Li.

“Based on the sharing of her travel experience, I leaned towards the usage of strong colours to express what she saw. In conventional Chinese Ink painting, you seldom see this kind of expression. This is my way of fusing Western and Chinese concepts in my work, as a development for my unique Chinese Ink painting style.”
– Choon Jin

Choon Jin reflects as he paints his personal interpretation of the participant’s travel experience.

The resulting artwork surprised the participant due to the intensity of the image and colours used.

“The blend between Western and Chinese art is surprising to me. When you see the painting from a Chinese painting perspective, things you seldom see in Chinese art, you can actually see in this painting. When you see it from a Western art perspective, you can see a tinge of Oriental flavour in it.”
– V Li

As a personal takeaway from the session, the participant was able relive the memories of her trip and even the emotions she felt then.

“It (the session) was very pleasant. It reminded me a lot of my trip there… the scenes, the feelings and emotions that I had when I was at that place. This artwork really reminded me of so many places there.
– V Li

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